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Philosophy in community

Being part of a thriving community is integral to a philosophical life well-lived. As such, I take an active role in community life in its various modes.


At Boston College, I expanded our strength in the history of philosophy to celebrate the often under-emphasized contribution that women have played in that history by conceiving of and co-founding PhilosopHERS, a series of workshops dedicated to the work of women in philosophy from Hypatia, to Gloria Anzaldua, to Edith Stein, and more.


I used my expertise in ancient Greek to serve as editorial assistant for the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy Proceedings for three years. Through this role, I had the privilege of reading and discussing works on diverse areas of ancient philosophy beyond my regular research.

I also regularly take part in local community outreach efforts, including participating in "Walk MS" events and community clean up crews.

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